Program Outcomes

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  • Program Outcomes
  • Client satisfaction
    • Client/family feels safe and welcome
    • Client/family feels respected and not judged
    • Client/family participates meaningfully in decision making
    • Client/family has trusting relationship with staff
    • Client/family remains in the program
  • Staff training, supervision & retention
    • Program staff are trained in relevant areas
    • Program staff have ongoing supervision and support
  • Program characteristics
    • Program is flexible
    • Program is accessible
  • Collaboration & informed approaches
    • Program staff employ FASD-informed practices
    • Program staff employ trauma-informed practices
    • Program staff have ongoing supervision and support
    • Multi-disciplinary service providers work collaboratively

This ring of the evaluation maps identifies four main types of process, program or formative outcomes. Identifying and assessing program outcomes is important, especially for emerging programs.  Program outcomes help us see how the program’s philosophy is being realized.  Program outcomes also align closely to participants’ and service providers’ experiences of the program.

Comprehensive Program Outcomes Document

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