This website compiles evaluation frameworks, methods, tools, and indicators of success to support the work of community-based FASD prevention programs for pregnant women and new mothers, and supportive intervention programs for adults and older youth with FASD.

Three visual ‘maps’ of evaluation practice (below) have been derived from existing evaluations and through consulting a range of practitioners and program planners from across Canada.

This project is led by researchers and program evaluators working with the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (BCCEWH) and the CanFASD Research Network, Network Action Team on FASD Prevention from a Women’s Health Determinants Perspective.

Click here for more info on the project team members and advisors, and for more about the project’s process and methods

  • Funding for this project has been received from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum
    Disorder (FASD) National Strategic Project Fund. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent
    the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.